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  1. Looking forward to absorbing some of your knowledge and experiences working with our Veterans. My son was in the Gulf War and I see the effects everyday

  2. This is so important, especially in today’s climate, post covid and being educated to be able to support students for historical traumatic events, trauma-sensitive mindfulness is something I am greatly interested in. I live in an area where we have the highest rate of refugees and also ex-services and currently serving military, housed, and fleeing from war in the United Kingdom.

  3. Aloha Brett, looking forward to your offerings! I’ve worked front-line with children and teens in the foster care system. I am also a veteran myself, so these are two populations very near my heart. I’m so interested in what you’ve to share. 😌🙌🏾✨

  4. Thank you, for your Trama work so essential in the world we live in. Grateful to see this is part of the circulicum here.
    Thanks for your service to others

  5. I work hand-in-hand with first responders, social workers, etc. So I am really looking forward to this section of the training.

  6. Hi Brett! I’m really excited to hear your knowledge on working with trauma! This is a really valuable tool in our current world.

  7. I’m a veteran myself and I’m really looking forward to your insights working with veterans! Thank you for your time Brett

  8. It’s nice to meet you through your introductory video. Your work is interesting and inspiring. I am looking forward to learning from you.